The USDA CACFP requires that at least one serving of grains each day contains a whole grain-rich component.

Grain is a required component at breakfast, lunch, and supper meals, and is an optional component at snack. All grain products served in the CACFP must be made with enriched or whole grain meal or flour (7 CFR 226.20(a)(4)(i)), or bran or germ in order to be creditable. Under the updated meal patterns, at least one serving of grains per day must be whole grain-rich (7 CFR 226.20(a)(4)(i)(A)). Any additional grains served that do not meet the whole grain-rich criteria described below may still be creditable if they are made of the required grains. State agencies and Program operators are encouraged to continue using the methods they previously had in place to determine if a grain item was creditable. The Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs (the Food Buying Guide) ( is a source of crediting information for CACFP. Appendix E lists the steps for identifying creditable grain products ( For easy reference, the Flowchart for Determining Creditable Grains/Breads from the Food Buying Guide is included as Attachment 1 of this memorandum